Monday, 17 September 2012

Tim's Trans Alp Challenge – French Alps

Tim's Trans Alp Challenge & St Peters Life-Line – French Alps, 19th-29th September 2012


To mark my 50th Birthday I am making a vain attempt to defy the sands of time and have taken up a demanding challenge & adventure of crossing the Alps on my mountain bike.
This involves 10 days mountain biking across the French Alps, starting just outside Geneva, riding 6+ hours and approx 50km per day including approx 1,000 vertical metres uphill on mountain trails and goat tracks all at altitude, eventually dropping down to the shores of the Mediterranean at Monaco! A few sections will include carrying our bikes uphill and probably down too
Having foolishly fractured my elbow only six weeks ago I am now some way behind with my training so this is going to be even tougher than I thought as only got back on my mountain bike for the first time two weeks ago!
St Peters Life-Line - As well as challenging myself, I hope to raise money for a very worthwhile charity. Julie (my better half) runs a small local charity in Berkshire called ‘Pocket Money Fights Poverty’ which through her tireless energy, enthusiasm and activities supports and raises money for another local and very worthwhile cause – 'St Peters Life-Line'
St Peter's Life-Line is a small charity that supports over 340 children in the Kajuki area of Kenya . This charity provides food, education and shelter for the most vulnerable of the children. Education is the key to give these children a chance of a future - with basic skills, they will have a chance to find a job or create employment for themselves by setting up simple businesses. Without education, their future is bleak as they will be trapped in poverty.

Many of the children are orphans. Without St Peter's Life-Line, they would be on the streets - vulnerable to disease, hunger and abuse. Every penny given to St Peter's Life-Line goes to the school and community that it supports. 
St Peter's Life-Line is a wonderful, small charity that makes a BIG difference by bringing hope to many very poor, orphaned and vulnerable children in Kajuki, Kenya.
Examples of resources that can be bought for this community are below. These examples show how small amounts can make difference:
  • £20 for one Goat (providing milk, cheese and meat)
  • £7.00 buys 2 x Mosquito nets
  • £9.00 = 2 chickens (providing eggs and meat for essential protein)
  • £10 provides medication packs (pain killers, treatment for infections, malaria etc)
  • £40 for a share in a classroom (another classroom is needed to provide education for the next year group entering the school)
A small amount from everyone will make a big difference and if you are willing to donate please do go to my direct link at
Thank you very much for your support & encouragement, I think I am going to need it!

Tim -

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